Mr. Linden's Liberty: A Short Story

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Mr. Linden 's Liberty was a popular place in the town of Ender Wood. There was a girl named Lucy. She always wanted to go to Mr.Linden 's library but her dad wouldn 't let her. Mr. Johnson (Lucy 's dad) always thought there was something wrong with the library and he was right.
After a few years, Lucyturned 16-years -old. For her birthday, she wanted to go to the library. Mr. Johnson said, "Just for 10 minutes".
The next day, they were in the library. Lucy picked out a book that intrigued her,and she took it to her home without her father 's permission. Later that night, once they got home, Lucy rushed through her dinner and took the book out from its hiding place. Lucy ran her hand on top of the cover and laid on her bed opening it to
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