'A Character Analysis Of Mr. March In Little Women'

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John March (Mr. March): main character of the novel, he is the father of the four girls who star in the novel Little Women (Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy). Mr. March is presented in two different times in the novel; as a chaplain of thirty nine years old who joined to the Civil War, in the part the Union. Then, in many chapters Mr. March is a young man between nineteen and twenty one years old presented trough flashback. Mr. March has a handsome unlined face and golden hair before go to the war, later when his wife visits him in the hospital he is unrecognizable. His hair is streaked with gray and his face is lined with worry. During the Civil War, Mr. March is shown as a minister of religion, but later we know more about the idealist March. As a…show more content…
March): Marmee, she is Mr. March`s wife and the mother of the four girls (Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. She is, at the beginning of the story the absent wife of Mr. March and mentioned only in his letters. While Mr. March is participating in the war, she stays home, taking care of their daughters. Marmee is described as a woman with attitude, strong and benevolent but with a hard temper. Meg March (Margaret like his mother): she was the eldest daughter of the March`s couple. Mentioned in letters and shown throughout many flashbacks that compose the story. In Louise May Alcott work, Little Women, the character of Meg is modeled on the dutiful Ana Bronson, her sister. Jo March (Josephine): she was the second daughter of the March’s and a character inspired on the proper writer of Little Women, Louise May Alcott. Jo was the aspiring writer. As the other members of the March`s family is shown throughout flashbacks and letters written by Mr. March to his family. Beth March: she was third daughter of the March`s family, her character is based on the delicate Elizabeth Alcott. As the other daughters of the Marchs she is show n throughout flashbacks and letters written by Mr. March to his
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