Mr. Martin In The Catbird Seat

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Over the past week I read The Catbird Seat. The first time I read it, honestly, I had no idea what I had read. The second time I read it I viewed the story as if it was nothing but madness. I then read it a third time and viewed the story as a success in a brilliant way. I was very amused in many different ways each time I read the story. The more I understood the more amusement and comedy I got out of the story. The language in the story was a big reason as to why I did not understand the story the first time. The terms Mrs. Ulgine Barrows used in the book were hard to comprehend such as; "Are you scraping around the bottom of the pickle barrel?”, “Are you sitting in the catbird seat?”, “Are you lifting the oxcart out of the ditch?”, “Are you tearing up the pea patch?” and “Are you hollering down the rain barrel?” I did not totally comprehend what was going on and what exactly happened between Mr. Martin…show more content…
Mr. Martin is simply a genius. I finally understood the reasons for his actions. Mr. Martin has had the same reputation since he first started working for F & S. Nobody had ever seen him smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol a day in his life. That is the reasoning for him going away to buy these cigarettes, to plan his big debut. It was Mrs. Ulgine Barrows ways that made Mr. Martin further his actions. Mr. Martins actions were ingenious. Mr. Martin fooled Mr. Fitweiler as well which made the whole plan complete. When Mr. Martin was called into Mr. Fitweiler’s office he believed that Mrs. Ulgine Barrows was delusional by claiming Mr. Martin visited her the evening before and behaved in such an uproar. Due to Mr. Fitweiler believing these “accusations” were invalid and nothing but nonsense due to a psychological diseases, Mrs. Ulgine Barrows was then fired. I understand now, after the third read, that Mr. Martin was only looking for a way to go to work with out being bothered by Mrs. Ulgine
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