Mr. Naquin's Death Argumentative Essay

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There was an event called Mardi Gras where a group of people came together to celebrate fat Tuesday,a day before Lent day. During this event Jake was murdered,the murder is yet not identified, and all we know is that Mr. Naquin was murdered in the bathroom with a Mardi Gras.
It is to my believe that Mr. Naquin was murdered by Ms. Amy La Fleur due to the fact that witnesses mention how they saw Jake leave a minute before Amy did and no one knows where Ms. La Fleur went . Although Ms. La Fleur came back 30 sec or so before Ross found Mr.Naquin no one else was gone during the event of Mr. Naquin's death therefore leaving Mr. La Fleur to be the only one besides the victim who was missing during the event. One is more likely to be blamed for a crime if they were not present during the murder
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La Fleur killed Mr. Naquin is due to the fact that Mr. La fleur did wish death upon Jake as many guest from the event heard. When one wishes death upon someone it may mean that one hates the person so much that they could hurt them or even wish them the worse , possibly even death.
Finally, although some may argue for what has been analyzed , one thing one may not be able to argue is the fact that Ms. La Fleur fingerprints were found on the Mardi Gras beads which killed Mr. Naquin . When someone's fingerprints are found it usually means that they have touched or been around the person or crime scene. Which makes it very hard for Ms. La fleur to argue against being that she was the last person seen with Mr. Naquin and could possible be the last person who left fingerprints on the beads.
In conclusion, due to these details and facts. I declare Mr. La fleur guilty and should face consequences for her actions. She has been proven guilty for arguing with Mr. Naquin , being the last person and only person out of the room , followed by being the last person seen with Jake, and having her fingerprints on the beads proves that Ms. La Fleur is
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