Mr. Nelson Should Be Chargeed With 2nd-Degree Murder

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Introduction As you get kicked out of a club for not following the rules and you realize you have nothing else to do. Little do you know, you want to start some drama. As you thought the whole process through you decide to go and hit a guy outside the club 4 times thinking nothing would happen. Well, this is where you seem to fail and realize that not everyone is perfectly in good medical condition, maybe if you choose to punch someone who didn’t have the medical problem you suppose you would be charged with less of a crime or even a misdemeanor. This explains it all about the David Nelson case. Key Facts According to witness, David Nelson could have been intoxicated at Plantation strip club around March 2009. As a result, they kicked out Mr.Nelson because they claimed that he was intoxicated.The bouncers noticed that he was inappropriately touching the dancers. Since the club didn’t have security cameras according to those who work at the club. A 19-year named Chad Heath had got punched many once or multiple times. The owner and bouncers came up with this story according to the reporter who received that information from them (Theresa Schmidt). The case wasn’t …show more content…

The trouble, in this case, was that the jurors didn’t know whether or not to charge him with 2nd-degree murder. As the victim was hit he, then hit his head on the concrete causing him a chance to still be alive. Days later they reported him in Lafayette hospital dead. Once Chad had died they found David Nelson in Florida in his hometown as they sent him back to Louisiana where he had done the crime according to( ). Another source claims that Mr.Nelson is going to prison for 30 years. HIs time he spends in prison personally is way too much time and the jurors/judges could have gave him less time for a variety of

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