Mr Nobles Analysis

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Rehabilitation is paramount in order to form a brighter, healthier future. After all, what good to society is a brilliant mind, if a highly disorientating substance continually afflicts it? Most of the time these same people that abuse drugs are the ones being directly affected by some type of outside oppression. Our jails and prisons serve as a type of rehab as well. Once in jail or prison, abusers have no access to illegal drugs and are forced to quit cold turkey from all illegal substances, including nicotine. In Nobles particular case he was not only a drug abuser, in addition he was a murderer as well, a man sentenced to death. Is it possible for a man on death row to rehabilitate himself? And maybe even more importantly, is it even possible…show more content…
Nobles was also well liked by just about everyone at the prison, including everyone that he encountered. There is much proof of this transformation that happened to him in prison and amongst the most obvious one he had been communicating much better with the rest of society. So, well even the author Steve Earl mentioned when referring to his first letter ever received from Mr. Nobles. “Within a month, I received my first letter. It was a page and a half long in beautiful flowing script that made me more than a little jealous.” There was even an attractive clerk that worked at the prison, Delores. She was around the age of Mr. Nobles’ victim at the time when he had killed her. Delores express’s genuine concern for Mr. Noble when she said, “she was sorry and that Mr. Nobles was a good guy,” to Mr. Earl. Then there were Mr. Nobles’ final moments. On his deathbed as his final minutes left him he addressed the victim’s mother Mitizi Nalley. Nobles said,” I’m sorry, I’m sorry I wish I could bring her back to you.” Then he addressed the victims boyfriend Ron, crying out’” I took so much from you. I’m sorry. I know you probably don’t want my love but you have it.” These were amongst Nobles last words and he deeply meant them. He was going to die ether way yet he still took the time to apologies, when he had so very little time
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