Mr. Parks Case Summary

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Mr. Parks received work adjustment services approximately three months under the supervision of Mrs. Terkesia Walton. While in work adjustment services, Mr. Parks continued to work on the following contracts: Richardson Molding (packed flag kits, assembled battery caps, placed washers on screw boards, and assembled hinge pins), Anthony 's Syrup (formed boxes and labeled and packed containers), Star Herald (collated inserts and applied labels to newspapers), Wells Lamont (assembled clips with buckles and rings), plastic ware (placed eating utensils, napkins, and salt and pepper packets into a bag). His average production rate was 48% during the work adjustment period. He also did janitorial work at two churches and an office building. The instructor noted and verbalized his limitations, to employment, as fluctuations in daily work levels, poor physical stamina (sedentary work only), and negative attitude. He was able to follow instructions and he remained on task. He produced good quality work and he seemed…show more content…
Parks quieted down, Evaluator acknowledged his feelings, matching his words to his level of anger. Evaluator expressed regret about the situation and let him know she understood. Evaluator validated his feelings of anger as a healthy emotion, but his reaction was inappropriate. Evaluator explained to him the possible restrictive procedures used for severe behavior problems. Evaluator continued to explain, again, the purpose and goal of AbilityWorks. Mr. Parks stated he was remorseful for his behavior. Mr. Parks stated, "I 'm sorry for the way I acted today." Evaluator explained to Mr. Parks, the importance controlling his anger. Mr. Parks was encouraged to apologize to instructors as well. He was in agreement. Mr. Parks agreed to utilize other ways to express his anger and frustration. They also discussed the importance of being patience and decrease negative thinking about his current medical condition and other situations in his life. He was in
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