Mr Perkins Immigration Interview Questions

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Originally, I was ment to interview a African American old lady in a retirement home in Sherman oaks but when got there I was told she had left with her family. Therefore, they took me to an old man named Roeland Perkins at that point I got nervous because my questions we originally made for a woman. It turns out to be Mr. Perkins was nothing but a very nice talkative man. I did notice that at the beginning of the interview he would give me short answers that’s is why I started using more probes. for example, he brought up his parents and that is why I basically asked him how his parents impacted his childhood since childhood was the topic and then mentioned the military since he had said he was in it for a while. Towards the middle of the interview I did notice his answers towards my question were longer than before and that was because he would often bring up his daughters. I feel like he was very proud of them since he would often bring up his daughter’s…show more content…
Although he didn’t have an experience he did state his opinion. He basically said that immigration isn’t a bad thing that anyone should be welcome if they are wiling to contribute and for discrimination he stated that it was much worse before. Overall, I discovered interviews bring up interesting stories that you have only heard in movies. I noticed that everyone is different and that everyone has their own briefs. I felt like Mr. Perkins was a luck man who lived a life that many dreamed of, the American dream. I truly believe he is an intelligent man who was not scared of taking risks instead he followed in what he believed and wanted. By the way this project of interviewing someone that does not look like me was very interesting and wired at the same time just because they have a different way of living

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