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Regarding the murder case of Mr. Peterson after being moved to the Illinois Supreme Court after his case was rejected due to the fact he wanted to have another court trial after being sent to prison guilty, there were many different argument based on whether or not hearsay was to be used or not. For this case, there were a few people who were brought in and questioned during the trial. Over all there was a back story for the defense’s case regarding the murder. But in the end, the court had made a decision based on the facts and witnesses statements on what they have seen at the time of the murder. According to CNN, they mentioned for one of the hearsay arguments includes the fact that one of the wives brothers told him that Peterson, was not next to her in bed late at night when she woke up briefly and that a little bit later, she noticed that he was home by their laundry area wearing dark clothing with a bag with him getting ready to put those articles in the washer to be cleaned. The reporter for the CNN article mentions that there were a couple people who were really important for the trial and they are Harry Smith who was one of Peterson’s wives lawyer while they were in the process of getting a divorce and also a reverend named Neil Schori. Another argument for…show more content…
Peterson’s trial after being rejected from wanting another to prove his innocence all the way down at the Illinois Supreme Court. From Chicagotonight, the court made a decision and decided to charge him with a guilty sentence due to the fact that everything matched up from multiple statements, witnesses and evidence. Because of more statements given, they decided to keep in jail for another 40 years on top of the other sentence given by the other court decision. This is what the hearsay statements were, who was included, the overall story, and also the final decision for Mr. Peterson’s case and court

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