Mr Pignatti Character Analysis

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The adults in John and Lorraine’s life have positive and negative relationships that strongly impact their lives. Mr. Pignatti supports both John and Lorraine emotionally and physically, and acts as if they’re his own kids. However, their own parents, who should be the ones that are providing emotional support, are cold and even callous towards them. The treatment from their parents has caused a negative impact on them in various ways, as demonstrated by many of their qualities. However, the kindness and compassion Mr. Pignatti shows towards them shapes them to be better people and greatly improves the quality of their lives. One character who has a major impact on John is his father. John’s father shoots down his dream of becoming an actor and having big goals, instead of encouraging him and supporting his dreams. This, however, causes John to strive beyond living an average life. His father was also a compulsive alcoholic, and at parties would encourage John to drink alcohol to impress his friends. In turn John becomes addicted to alcohol, and is an avid drinker. Due to his dad’s negative attitude towards John, he manipulates his father so that he can get back at him. An example of this is when John’s dad puts a lock on the phone, but he puts glue in…show more content…
Pignatti has a profound affect on John’s life. John has a very poor relationship with both his mother and his father, so he does not feel comfortable with them. After John has an argument with his dad about his career, he realizes that the Pigman is so happy to see John and cares about him. This causes for John to reflect that his own parents have never been happy to see him, and makes him feel loved. Mr. Pignatti also takes them out shopping, and when they are rollerskating out of the shop, John says how glad he is to be alive and how much is enjoying life. Mr Pignatti’s positivity causes him to be a much happier and to start to enjoy his life even though he has a toxic relationship with his
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