Mr Randall Case

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2. Based on the job details, what types of challenges might Randall have with completing the essential tasks of the job? Copy and paste the exact job characteristics from O*Net or BLS to give me some context for how they might be challenges. Keep in mind what issues are mentioned in the case study above, and other challenges that are prevalent among folks with TBI. The types of challenges Mr. Randall may have completing the essential tasks of this job are as copied from O*Net: Oral Comprehension — The ability to listen to and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences. Oral Expression — The ability to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand. Speech Clarity — The ability…show more content…
Randall with a unique bright colored vest or hard hat to serve as a warning regarding his visual and auditory issues; provide electronic hearing protection that will allow frequency range of his coworker’s voice. Active Listening/Speaking: Modifications: Provide a buddy system to assist with communication; use of email for communication; provide a communication device that will allow Mr. Randall to record and play back information. 4. Explain why you have made each of the aforementioned…show more content…
Together, Mr. Randall and I would brainstorm potential options for natural supports to include the needs of both Mr. Randall and the employer. To continue, I think it’s important to assess available supports within and outside the workplace. This purpose is to promote the client’s successful integration. An example would be to obtain a Job Coach who specializes in assisting individuals with learning the job and completing job duties accurately. Once the job analysis is completed, I think it’s important to identify choices suitable again for both employer and Mr. Randall. A plan must be strategized to best train Mr. Randall and to customize his responsibilities. This will include advocacy, disability training and awareness building, social support, problem solving and the development of natural supports to eventually phase out the job coach direct involvement. Understanding Mr. Randall’s interests, challenges and needs would serve as a guideline to establishing natural supports for him. With Mr. Randall’s support and involvement along with the employer, implementing training and support strategies, to devise his break times to assist with regaining cognitive focus and restore strength particularly dealing with his upper extremities.
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