Mr. Scrooge In A Christmas Carol

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Mr.Scrooge was really a mean person. He hated Christmas. His wife died and she died on Christmas. That is another reason he hates Christmas. Mr.Scrooge was a jerk to all those around him. Then the ghost cam to his house and warned him that three ghosts will come and teach him and show him his christmas past.The first ghost was a candle with a flaming head.He had shown Mr.Scrooge his good memories of his christmas past.But Mr.Scrooge put his top on and he flew straight up in the air and fell down and hit the ground hard. The second ghost that was the ghost of christmas presents he showed him some happy times and some horrible times. That ghost died when the bell got hit by the middle hammer. He died laughing. The third ghost was a reaper it attacked him and it showed him the day and the month he would die then it set him free because he believed in the spirit of Christmas.…show more content…
And when the ghosts went away he was feeling free he gained a nicer spirit. All the wrong he did he undone with the Christmas Spirit. Mr.Scrooge became a very generous man and a very forgiving and energetic man.He changed the future by accepting the christmas spirit into his heart and that is how Mr.Scrooge cheated death .He changed the day he would of died.Mr.Scrooge would of died on Dec,25 that very day.And that is how Mr.Scrooge changed throughout the story that also changed his life. He also helped little Timmy. Mr.Scrooge was a very helpful and very sorry man. He learned his lesson and will show his Christmas Spirit throughout the little children of the world ,through joy, through happiness, and through the Christmas Spirit. At the end he became little Timmy's second father. Mr.Scrooge loved him and all those around him. And that is how Mr.Scrooge change throughout the
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