Mr. Shelby's Impact On The Civil War

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This book was written in the 1850’s and had an huge impact on the civil war. The main characters in this story were Mr. Shelby, Mrs. Shelby, Tom, Harry, and Eliza. Mr. Shelby Decided to sell Tom and Harry. These men were loyal to Mr. Shelby, but he needed the money. When Eliza, Toms mom heard about this she decided to make a run for it with her son to Canada. That same day Eliza had heard from her husband, and he said that he was also planning to leave his master. During this time Eliza was hoping that they could meet up and reunite. That night she attempted to escape. But little did she know she was being followed by a slave trader Mr. Hadley. She made across the Ohio state line without getting capture. On the other hand her son Tom stayed

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