Mr. Shhmidt The Scholarship Jacket Analysis

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The scholarship jacket” by marta salinas ilistratcs that evey one should be treated under the same set of rules rules no mater how much mony they have or what race they the story Mr. Shhmidt argues for marthas fair treatment by saying “I refuse to do it! I dont care who her father is her grades dont even begin to compair to marthas I wont lie or falsify records. Martha has a starigt A-plus avarage and you know it.”(Salinas228). This quote shows that Mr.Schmidt fights for what is right and fair for martha. Anothe key event is when marthas grand father said: ”Then if you pay for it marta it’s not a scholarship jacket is it? Tell your principal I will not pay the fifteen dollars(Salinas230).” This gives evidince that marthas grand father
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