Mr Was By Pete Hautman Analysis

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The novel Mr. Was, by Pete Hautman, is a story about a boy named Jack, and his adventures throughout his time traveling life. Along the way he encounters Scud, who eventually becomes his best friend, as well as his worst enemy. Scud is a teen living in the year of 1941, who is very adventurous and rebellious. Scud and Jack join the war together, and face many difficulties and not just with their enemies. Scud finds joy in causing trouble and being a goof with his friends. Toward the end, Scud takes a dark turn and gets into more trouble than just goofing off. Scud is a very outgoing social person, as well as a very tough assertive person at other times. Depending on his mood, his personality can be great or take a turn for the worst.

Character’s Motives:

In the beginning of the story, Scud is just an innocent teen who doesn’t have many cares besides himself and his crush Andie. Scud is determined to marry her, leading to a strong relationship for a while. Scud also
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First, when Jack and Scud go to war, Scud figures out that Andie and Jack are in a relationship when reading Jack’s journal. During this time, Scud still was in love with Andie. This made him extremely angry, angry enough to attempt to kill Jack. Scud gets so angry that he doesn’t have a care over any possible consequences, he’s just so wrapped up in rage he was willing to kill Jack. This action is also influenced by his motive in the beginning of loving Andie so much. In the novel on page 174 it states, “His [Scud’s] lips pulled back from his teeth like a vicious dog, swinging his rifle like a club, slashing at me, keeping me off balance. it was not the Scud we know, Andie” Lastly, Scud in the very end as well as the very beginning screams to Jack, “Kill you, kill you again!” which is referencing to when Scud tried to kill Jack in Japan while in war in which he was motivated by from all of his previous
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