Mr Wilson Case Study

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• P as arrested twice for two different incident. P alleges excessive force, assault, and false arrest for assault on MOS and obstructing governmental administration. First incident date March 31, 2009: P alleges that he was sleeping inside a vehicle driven by Deval Wilson and woken up when MOS were entering the vehicle. P alleges that Mr. Wilson was attempting to get away from MOS and struck lamp post/street sign then fled the location, however P remained at the scene. P alleges that defendant MOS Robert Mayer arrived and asked P about Mr. Wilson’s whereabouts and struck P across his legs with a foreign object repeatedly. P alleges he was arrested, cuffed and taken to a hospital where he was denied use of the restroom. P alleges that defendant…show more content…
Wilson in an alley and instructed Mr. Wilson and P to “stop the vehicle. Turn the engine off. Roll the window down.” As MOS Viar approached passenger side of the vehicle, P held the passenger door preventing MOS Viar from opening the door. Then, Mr. Wilson was able to get his vehicle out of the alley and drove off and MOS chased Mr. Wilson again. MOS had called for backup. A few minutes later, MOS located Mr. Wilson’s vehicle however Mr. Wilson and P were not inside the vehicle. Then, an individual informed MOS that P was sitting at the individual’s steps. MOS approached P and P fought MOS and refused to be handcuffed. P was yelling, screaming and attempted to kick out a window in the RMP. Due to P’s behavior, P was transported to Brookdale Hospital. Second incident date April 1, 2009: At the hospital, MOS Christopher McGuinness was guarding P and observed P trying to escape. MOS McGuinness attempted to get P back into the bed and P bite MOS McGuinness’s finger causing skin to break. P was charged separately for P’s assault on MOS McGuinness. DA’s office did not bring P’s March 31, 2009 arrest to Grand Jury. DA’s did get an indictment against P for his assault on MOS McGuinness. P was acquitted of the charges at

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