Mrs. Beale In Jerry Spinelli's Maniac Magee

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Author: Jerry Spinelli has done a fabulous job developing Mrs. Beale’s character in the book Maniac Magee. Mrs. Beale is the mom of 3 children; 2 fraternal twins, about 4 years of age, and 1 10 year old. She works very hard to keep her family up and running. A little while back, Mrs. Beale and her family came across this one amazing young man named Jeffrey Magee. Jeffrey had nowhere to go, and was alone and lost; so they invited him to stay. Spinelli has developed Mrs. Beale to be very caring to her family and other people. Those of whom she doesn’t know, like Jeffrey. One of the pages that Spinelli has really developed Mrs. Beale as caring is on page 48. Mtrs. Beale had taken Maniac to the doctor's office when he started getting hives from the pizza that they…show more content…
Beale a caring character is on page 47. Even though her 2 twins don’t like to take baths anymore, she makes them take one anyway because she cared that they were clean and that they wouldn't smell bad. Spinelli also did an awesome job showing how Mrs. Beale collaborates and/or works together with other people. I know that this might sound weird, but on page 41, Mrs. Beale works together with her sponge. Her 2 twin children are always drawing on everything. Mrs. Beale works very hard to scrub everything off with the sponge so everything is nice and clean. Another page that Spinelli shows how Mrs. Beale works with other people is all of chapter 12 and 13. Mrs. Beale works with her family to create a safe environment for her kids including Jeffrey. The last page that shows that Mrs. Beale works well with others is in all of chapter 12 and13. Mrs. Beale and Amanda work together on making Jeffery feel welcomed and loved. She and Amanda moved everything out of her room so that Jeffrey can stay their. Again, author: Jerry Spinelli did an outstanding job of making everyone feel like Mrs. Beale is caring and works together. I believe that Spinelli should get a standing
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