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Mrs. Beast, a poem from the World’s Wife that is a collection of poems written by Carol Ann Duffy that often focuses on the female perspectives by using traditional stories that were focused on male character. Mrs. Beast is one of the last poems of the World 's Wife and it sums up the whole purpose of World 's Wife: to present a voice to women of history and literature and to explore aspects of their lives and personalities. As with all the poems in the World’s Wife, Duffy follows the form of a dramatic monologue and through the first stanza draws attention to the history of male domination and female suppression by listing famously victimized women and revealing in Mrs. Beast’s tone, bitter resentment. Mrs. Beast rejects any wish associated with the male-oriented society reflecting Duffy’s rejection of society’s pre-occupation with victimized women and keeping them silenced.

Carol Ann Duffy is considered to be one of the most admirable poets because she creates existing poetry in a form that uses biblical, historical, mythical, fictional figures, whose voice have not previously been heard. This is relevant for the portrayal of the male-oriented society because famous figures like Beauty and the Beast have been mentioned in
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Mrs. Beast is a version of Beauty and the Beast created by Carol Ann Duffy. Originally Beauty and the Beast taught us not to judge a person by their appearances. Carol Ann Duffy’s representation of this fairytale is the contrasting version. The Beast however is a misunderstood kind and loving person in both the versions. But “Belle” on the other hand has become an independent, hardhearted feminist. In this dramatic monologue, she mentions beautiful and influential women throughout history and compares herself to them. “” She mentions these people to show that their downfall was indirectly caused due to the authority of men in their lives. Duffy through her version of Beauty and the Beast tries to show how she and women like her should be
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