Mrs Bennet Character Analysis

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What are your first impressions of Mr and Mrs Bennet?
Mrs Bennet seems like a stereotypical British housewife. She preoccupies herself with trying to find handsome and wealthy husbands for her five daughters. When she is not looking for suitable men, her solace is visiting friends and gossiping. Mrs Bennet gives the appearance of being a kind-hearted woman who cares for her daughter’s well-being and future. She described this wish as her business in life.
Mr Bennet seems like a much simpler man. He gives the appearance of being more reluctant than Mrs Bennet when it comes to the marriage of their daughters. He cares little about the arrival of the rich Mr Bingley and it takes some convincing on Mrs Bennet’s part to make him pay the newcomer
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Elizabeth: Elizabeth is the protagonist of the story. Her mother describes her as being half as handsome as Jane and half as good-humoured as Lydia. Mr Bennet on the other hand describes the sisters as silly and ignorant whereas Elizabeth is something special. The first part of the story describes Elizabeth as a truly modern character as she refuses to conform and repress her own individuality.
Mr Bennet: Mr Bennet seems like a more serious and mellow character. He does not care much for the arrival of the wealthy Mr Bingley and he does not share his wife’s love for gossip and visiting. Mr Bennet also seems to favour Elizabeth over her other sisters and he insists on putting in a good word for her with Mr Bingley.
Mrs Bennet: Mrs Bennet cares about little but the marriage of her daughters. She describes this as her business in life. When she is not looking for suitable men, her solace is visiting and news. At first, it seems like Mrs Bennet wants her daughters to marry the first man that shows them any interest. After the assembly, where Mr Darcy shows his arrogant side, she goes home to complain about him to her husband. This shows that wealth is not everything and that the future husbands of her daughters has to be kind and well
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