Mrs. Boyton Family Rehabilitation Case Study

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Lacking family aid and medical assistance, leaves me to believe the family’s action of helping Mrs. Boyton’s rehabilitation was with positive intent. However, through the declining health and well being of Mrs. Boyton shows the negative impact of the culture of the family. As with most lower middle class families are making just enough to get by and are accustomed to long hour jobs, making work life balance for family matters inflexible and if not obsolete. This particular culture is negatively effecting Mrs. Boyton’s case, as daily care that was meant to be taken on by Mrs. Boyton’s daughter is out of reach financial to assist in her rehabilitation. If the Boyton family was not at the lower end of the middle class and could provide effectively for our client the adverse impact of their culture of ‘working to live’ may not be present. While absolute poverty is not relevant within Mrs. Boyton’s case, understanding the working class is critical within this situation. Although, the Boyton family does not seem to meet the poverty threshold based off of; owning their own house, recreational vehicles, and self supporting children. You will have to recognize the working class factor of near relative poverty…show more content…
ADA, Civil Rights Act, ADEA, and Amendments to the Constitution) that helped fight social injustice within a work environment. What time of social welfare programs help fight social injustices on the sides of extreme poverty of the near aged retires, that do not qualify for social security and Medicare? As an individual who has been well off financially between family support and well paying jobs throughout college, I do not see similarities, but it is crucial for self-awareness and culturally proficient of other individual’s life events. If you cannot understand another individual situation as a social worker, you inherently will not be able to provide the fundamentals of what a social work needs to be able to
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