Mrs. Clymer Case Study

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Mrs. Clymer is a 58 year old female who presented to the ED with medical issues, however expressed some suicidal ideation per nursing staff.

At the time of the assessment Mrs. Clymer was found asleep. She was awaken by QP calling her name. Mrs. Clymer appear 4Xoriented and willing to cooperate. Mrs. Clymer reports she expressed "not wanting to be here anymore (referring to the hospital)." She expressed to QP thoughts of her husband not caring for her anymore due to the multiple medical issues she has been experiencing. Mrs. Clymer denies suicidal ideation, homicidal ideation, and symptoms of psychosis. She does not appear to be exhibiting signs of agitation, aggression, or responding to internal stimuli. She states, "I 'm just sick and have to get over it." Mrs. Clymer denies symptoms of depression at this current time, however some symptoms are expressed. Mrs. Clymer expressed feelings of worthlessness, irritability, sadness, and anhedonia. Mrs. Clymer reports a history of depression. She reports no current outpatient services.
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Garing and Howard McQuirter, LCSW. The both share the disposition that Mrs. Clymer should be discharged pending her agreeing to follow up with outpatient services. Mrs. has contracted for safety, was given outpatient referral information, and complete crisis
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