Mrs Coty Interview

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My interview with Mrs. Coty was very enlightening. I’ve seen her in action, being her Practicum student, but actually getting to discuss some of these things with her was fascinating. It’s always important to know why someone wants to be a teacher. Mrs. Coty shared a genuine love of learning with me and a mission to help make math easy and enjoyable for all middle schoolers so that they can go on to conquer math in higher grades. A lot of the reasons that I want to be a math teacher line up with what Mrs. Coty said as well. Mrs. Coty’s ideas on teacher-student relationships, discipline, correction, and engagement are unique, interesting, and effective. I’ve seen her get a student to correct their behavior by simply saying “Are we acting…show more content…
Coty’s philosophy of building a relationship with students is so on point. Her idea is that the more a student likes and respects you, the more they’ll want to behave and do well in your class. I remember a story from my father’s childhood where the only class he actually tried to do well in was because he really liked the teacher. Having a positive attitude, getting down on a child’s level, being silly with them, and letting them know you care are all great ways to build a relationship and thereby improve your classroom management abilities. I thoroughly enjoyed Mrs. Coty’s dissertation on knowing where students are going and where they’ve been in order to tailor your lessons to their academic needs. She offered valuable insight on how best to prepare students for the challenges ahead. Mrs. Coty told me that your students should leave your classroom more condiment than when they walked in. It’s not something I’ve ever really thought about in depth but, upon further reflection, I think it’s probably the whole point of being a teacher. Having seen her in action and having had an intimate conversation with her, I believe Mrs. Coty is a truly great teacher. I’ve learned a lot from her and hope to implement some of her ideas and ideals in my own classroom one day. I found the interview to be a valuable source of information and experience that will hopefully help make me a better
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