Mrs Doubtfire Movie Analysis

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Mrs. Doubtfire is about a voice actor that love children, like to teach children education, and make them feel fun. However his wife, Miranda, wanted to have a divorce with his husband because Daniel barely have a job and he is irresponsible to take care of his children and the house. They both went to the court to get a divorce; as a result, the judges made the decision that Daniel will be separate from his children and he is allowed to visit them once a week. Daniel is desperate to look for a job so then he can see his children as soon as possible, but after hearing the news that Miranda is looking for a nanny to take care of the children gave him a brilliant idea. He went to his brother, Frank (a make-up artist), to make him become a nanny so then he can work for Miranda. So when Frank transformed Daniel into a nanny, went to Miranda to be introduced as Mrs. Doubtfire, and she hired him to take care of the children and the house. The speaker spoke about Robin William personality. The speaker mention about his acting in films and the…show more content…
Also there are many aspects that the audience learn from this movie such as child care, transgender, and being responsible for your action in life when having family and jobs. In my opinion, this movie is more of being responsible with how he lived with his jobs and having family. He focuses on spending more time with his children to learn and to be happy. Furthermore, he was able to fulfilled the career that he want to do as a voice actor by becoming a host of a children (or some sort of education) documentary show. As a nanny, Daniel realized that teaching his children will able to be dependable for Miranda because they love their parents for being considerate to them. Also, it helps them to be more mature and responsible with their lives that they were able to take care by

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