Mrs Dubose's Trial

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Part Four: The day after, Robert was informed about what happened between Visenya and Mrs Dubose. He calmed his daughter down, and he is going to seek for justice regarding Mrs Dubose’s threat. The Starks knew that the Finch’s father Atticus is a well known lawyer. Therefore, Robert spoke with Atticus and told him about Mrs Dubose’s terrifying threat with the exact quote. Atticus was honoured to bring up a case against Mrs Dubose, and justice will solve this issue. Few days after, Atticus came to pick up Visenya, to go with her to the court room, where the judge is going to determine Mrs Dubose’s punishment. However, they have arrived and when the trial started, Atticus wanted Mrs Dubose to stand up and to confess her crimes against this town. There are plenty of mysteries that even the greatest detectives couldn’t solve, Mrs Dubose had something related to violent crimes against the innocent. Atticus blamed her for Tom Robinson’s death and also for the failed kidnapping attempt on his children, which it resulted the…show more content…
Education is the key towards success, yet with success we can build something beyond our will, also feminism will have a part building this society” Atticus: “Mrs Dubose is gone, you can form your group, and fight for feminism, you will have the public support, the common people will know their fate. Therefore, they will work together to build something memorable to our future generations” Visenya: “I’ll try my best, but I might need your help eventually” Atticus: “You have my service” Part five: In end, Visenya formed her group with the support of Maycomb, and Atticus Finch was their legal representative. However, Visenya’s parents were proud of their daughter’s progress, the town was developing into a better society. Therefore, we can determine that Atticus is having someone that who light up the darkness that surrounds him and his
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