Mrs. Faust Analysis

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The two poems are written in different ways, however. They oppose each other and show that the problematic is different. Mrs. Faust is written in the first person («I» line 2) and the speaker is clearly Mrs. FAUST («I married Faust» line 2, and she is talking about Mr. FAUST, so she is necessairly the Mrs. FAUST that the title talks about). The way the poem is written by her is such that the reader feels like this is a list, since the sentences used by the speaker are very short and direct. Also, the poem is not written like a literary work but rather in the same way Mrs. FAUST speaks («Oh, well» line 1 of stanza 14; «it hurt like hell» line 3 of stanza 15): she uses colloquial language. However, while her language is colloquial, we can clearly…show more content…
This may also show all the doubt that she has got in her mind and how unstable her emotions are at that moment. Finally, we can see that the speaker takes an angry tone, since she threatens her husband every once in a while («Be terrified.» line 1 of stanza 3; «Look at me now.» stanza 8). Medusa is clearly speaking to her husband,as we could see before. To further this point, we can see at lines one through three of the second stanza that the husband is given a voice, since he says «my bride» and insults Medusa, which would show concretely why Medusa feels so strongly about him in this poem. So when it comes to the attitude and language in both poems, Mrs. Faust takes a different route than Medusa. The first one is more direct, cold and emotionless, while the second one is the total opposite, more dramatic, and contains more imagery. Indeed, while the speaker is cold to her lover, whom she is speaking to, the poem itself is not cold and is rather like a rollercoaster of emotions and similar to a storm, while Mrs. Faust ressembles nothing and is quite
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