Mrs. Hale By Susan Glaspell: Plot Summary

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One of the conflicts in this story takes place between Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale. “Do you think she did it” (Glaspell). Once the men are out of the room the women begin to discuss their own thoughts on whether Mr. Wright is guilty or not. Mrs. Hale offers some reasoning of why she feels Mrs. Wright may be innocent. “I don’t think she did. Asking for an apron and her little shawl. Worrying about her fruit” (Glaspell). She feels that a woman couldn’t be concerned with these things after committing a murder. Mrs. Hale continues to defend Mr. Wright. “Locking her up in town and then coming out her and trying to get her own house to turn against her” (Glaspell). Mrs. Hale doesn’t agree with the way that the investigation is being conducted. “But
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