Mrs Kay Quotes

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This play was written in 1977 by Willy Russel and is set in the inner- city area of Liverpool in northern England. It concerns 4 teachers planning a fun day out for a group of progress kids to visit Conway castle in wales. The children are very rude and destructive and come from very poor homes. The progress teacher Mrs. Kay is the one who planned this whole trip. She is in her early forties and cares for these children very deeply. Mrs. Kay is like a mother to these children. “Your ace miss” this quote shows the children really love Miss Kay and appreciate the things she does for them. The other main teacher is Mr. Briggs he in in early thirties. He is a moody teacher and very grumpy “He is a cloud on a blue horizon” This quote is a metaphor saying he is a dark cloud and the rest of the trip is a blue horizon Mrs. Kay treats her children with affection and safety like a chicken treats her eggs “Morris come away from that Road will you” this quote shows that she watches out for their safety and you can tell she cares. Mr. Briggs on the other hand is very strict and has no care toward the children what so ever. “Riley, Dickson, sit down!” this quote shows how he is very mean with not even a single warning just straight to screaming at them. Mrs. Kay is very sympathetic towards her children. “Ronny, the kids with me today don’t know what it is to look at a bar of chocolate. Lemonade never touches their lips.” This shows how much Mrs. Kay really loves the children because
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