Mrs. Lightfoot Case Study Essay

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Mrs. Lightfoot Mrs. Lightfoot, 85 years old, has the following symptoms: Agitation when approached at her husband’s grave, with delusions of needing to save him. She has an issue with frequent incontinence. Mrs. Lightfoot has been recently hospitalized twice recently due to poor self-care and dehydration. She has had a rapid deterioration in cognitive function, and as a result, has impaired communication and limited ability to answer questions appropriately. She also seems to suffer from hallucinations, as she sees her husband visiting her but being stuck behind the sun, which is too bright. After ruling out other possibilities, such as urinary tract or other infections, vision problems, and vitamin deficiencies, as well as depression, Mrs. Lightfoot seems to be exhibiting signs of vascular dementia. Since Mrs. Lightfoot recognizes her niece and her niece is willing to help with her care and appointments, I would set up a family meeting with the doctor, myself, and Mrs. Lightfoot and her niece. In that meeting, I would share possible resources with them and set up a plan for moving forward.…show more content…
Lightfoot. I would recommend the Mediterranean Diet for her, as a good way to provide the nutrition that she has been lacking in caring for herself. Assuming the family lived in St. Croix County, I would put them in touch with the St. Croix chapter of the National Resource Center on Native American Aging.(NRCNAA) From there, they could find resources for home care near Mrs. Lightfoot’s home. I would suggest reminiscence therapy for Mrs. Lightfoot, including having some of her husband’s trophies around her. Daily accompanied visits to her husband’s gravesite would provide exercise, and a point of contact with her husband, to help with her emotional
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