Mrs. M. T. Miller Analysis

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Mrs. Miller was a reclusive elderly widow who goes to the theater and meets a little girl named Miriam. The strange girl keeps popping up over and over again into Mrs. Miller’s life trying to manipulate her to dote on her whims and fancies. Finally it’s revealed that Miriam was a figment of her warped imagination caused by her isolation the entire time. Capote uses Mrs. H. T. Miller to show some of the mental consequences of excess solitude. The 3rd person limited point of view fully reveals the truly disturbing aspects of the story better than any other point of view. Mrs. Miller’s madness began when Miriam first appeared at the movie theater and asked to buy a ticket for her. Afterwards in theater while Mrs. Miller was contemplating whether…show more content…
At first she tries to overlook it, but when the noise becomes one insistent ring she goes to the door to put a stop to it. Like last time her dress is old-fashioned, but this time it is elegant white silk. Mrs. Miller is in awe over on how she wore such a costume on a cold February night. She is even more surprised when the girl brings a suitcase full of clothing, and then claiming that she was moving in. Capote probably wants this to represent that Miriam was going to be part of Mrs. Miller’s world from now on, even if she doesn't want her to be. If this story was a third person Omniscient the reader wouldn't really be struck by how uncanny Mrs. Millers perception really is. Miriam wanted to move in with her, but when Mrs. Miller refused the girl began to cry. Having enough Mrs.Miller went to for help and had her neighbors check the appartment to remove the girl. But the neighbor returned confirming there was no one there. As Mrs. Miller returned she entered a supernatural trance and came to the horrifying realization that Miriam was a manifestation of her loneliness the entire time. Just as Mrs. Miller was going to release herself of her inner demons she heard Miriam’s voice from behind and suffered as total relapse, surrendering to her insane
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