Mrs. Mallard Dynamic Character

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The characters in Kate Chopin’s stories are either dynamic an or static because each woman has their own personality. One of the woman’s finds her inner self after the tragic accident of her husband, the other woman just relieves the past but does not have any major change in her character. The last woman her personality came out and had to deal with temptation. Kate Chopin’s “Story of an hour” Mrs. Mallard is a dynamic character due to the fact that a transformation to her character had occurred when she found out about her husband’s death. She received the news from her sister, “great care was taken to break to her as gently as possible the news of her husband’s death” (Chopin). At first she was broken by the news when she received it. Receiving the news, she suddenly felt like her world had changed. A dynamic character is a character that goes through a change after a conflict or a crisis, this change happens over time. Even though her husband did not die Mrs. Mallard still went through the traumatic experience of losing a loved one. This traumatic experience may have triggered a…show more content…
Baroda had to deal with the attraction that she felt towards her husbands friend her private self that we did not know about came out. She is a respectable woman so she could not feel a temptation towards another man. Mrs. Baroda flat character characteristics came out she had to deal with the attraction so she knew there are some things that people must deal with by themselves and it is exactly what she did. Mrs. Baroda showed a side of her that made her that respectable woman that she is she left to deal with the attraction and came back with all those emotions taking care of her other side had taken control. Mrs. Baroda hidden side made her strong enough to deal with the temptation and not get tempted while in the process. Mrs. Baroda from “A Respectable Woman” and Calixta from “The Storm” are both the same a character that just shows a side of them that is
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