Mrs. Mallards In Kate Chopin's The Awakening

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Mrs. Mallards was relieved when she found out that her husband was gone forever. Mrs. Mallards gave the impression of mourning when in fact she was actually relieved. Mrs. Mallards had felt trapped for quite some time while her husband was alive. Once Mrs. Mallards heard that he was dead, she believed that she was finally free. At the end of the story, Mrs. Mallards got what she deserved from karma. Mrs. Mallards gave the impression of mourning to her sister and her husband’s friend, Richards, when in fact she was actually relieved. When Richards found out that Mr. Mallards was dead, he did not have the nerve to tell Mrs. Mallards. It was her sister, Josephine, who told her. After her sister had told her, Mrs. Mallards when up to her room alone. She sat on her bed and was relieved that he was finally gone. Richards and Josephine thought that Mrs. Mallards was up in her bedroom making herself ill and mourning; she was actually just feeling relieved at the moment. While Mr. Mallards was alive, Mrs. Mallards felt like she was trapped in the relationship for quite some time. She claimed that she had loved him, but only sometimes. The reader understood that Mrs. Mallards often said that she did not love him. When Mr. Mallards was…show more content…
Mallards was sitting on her bed upstairs, she believed that she was finally free. She was finally free from her husband controlling her. It did not matter to her if she loved her husband or not, all that mattered to her was that she was finally free and no one was going to stop her now. Mrs. Mallards could finally live a happy life by being free of making her own choices. She was going to live her life the way she wanted without her husband. The reader seems to understand that she was not happy with her life because it was going to be a long life to live. Once Mrs. Mallards realized her husband was gone, she got this feeling inside of her telling her that her life was going to be full of joy and happiness without her
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