Mrs. Mary Rowlandson's The Sovereignty And Goodness Of God

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Throughout Mrs. Mary Rowlandson’s Narrative, A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson or formerly known as The Sovereignty and Goodness of God, the Narrator, who – in this case – is Mrs. Mary Rowlandson herself, constantly draws parallel lines between his captivity experiences and the Holy Bible. The Parallels shown in this Essay can be subdivided in three points, that are crucial for the Puritan belief. On the one hand Mrs. Rowlandson shows God as a Punisher of backsliders, mainly in the end of her narrative, however on the other hand, every positive experience she makes during her captivity is associated with God, thus he is presented as a Protector. Lastly, Rowlandson presents her God as the redeemer, who saved her out of captivity.
As David Downing says “These frequent references to the Bible are used to interpret her experience
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(Rowlandson 131)
Notwithstanding that Mrs. Rowlandson is committing a sin in her eyes, by taking a Sabbath for granted, God shows his Protection and Mercy also in this case of doubt. “… Yet the Lord still showed mercy to me, and upheld me; and as he wounded me with one hand, so he healed me with the other.” (Rowlandson 131)
A further passage to show the Role of God as a Protector of Mary Rowlandson is the passage with the oaken leaves that heal her wound. Someone tells her that they once healed a man who could not walk from time to time, but instead of thanking the man, Rowlandson sees this as a gift of Protection from God. (Rowlandson 132)
Unfortunately her little child dies in her arms nine days after the first wounding, what makes her all the happier, when her son comes to see
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