Mrs. Matty: Internal Conflict In The Classroom

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1.) Creating dialogue that will help introduce a conflict for why the character Lauren is maybe missing was a suggestion I found intriguing and would allow me to create a little more background information. Simple dialogue such as, “Please don’t hurt my parents!” and a description of her being taken away will start the story. Want readers to quickly learn someone is being taken against their own, also keeping the abductees incognito. I like that some classmates received her as a more private character. I didn’t want to show Lauren having an internal conflict in an open setting (ex. classroom) as a way to portray her personality or emotional stability. Through comments and advice from meeting I thought showing her in a vulnerable and shocking scene opener where she’s worried about…show more content…
I notice classmates thought developing a mystery element to the story would be intriguing. I also wanted to venture into similar conventions without making Daniel come off as this High School Senior Private Investigator or Detective. Just allowing the readers mind to grow suspicious of a peculiar character who is connected to Lauren be used to take the focus off the character Lauren and Daniel’s friction, of her missing and rather he’s developing deeper feelings.
4.) Create dialogue for Ms. Matty at the center the introduces and explain in depth the toxic relationship between her biological mother and father within young boy scene.
5.) Graduation Day we learn that the she was abducted by her biological parents and given an ultimatum to either runaway with them or risk losing the only parents that truly ever loved her.
Epilogue that explains before graduation with Lauren’s Adoption Mother and Daniel about the search for her and to stay positive. Readers will see they’ve genuinely formed a bond over Lauren missing and search to find
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