Mrs. Morel In Sons And Lovers

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D. H. Lawrence writes, because of the internal compulsion or necessity. He seeks relief from his internal problems by externalising them in fiction. He is a pioneer of the psycho-analytical fiction in England. Sons and Lovers may be regarded as the first psycho-analytical novel in English literature. The novelist has examined for the first time the psychological theory of the Oedipal Complex or the “mother-fixation” theory of Sigmund Freud. The present study aims at to analyse that Mrs Morel in Sons and Lovers is the main reason of bringing the catastrophe in the lives of different characters, particularly in Paul Morels’. Mrs Morel, the mother in the novel is the most dominant character. Undoubtedly, the story revolves around her. She lays all her claims on her sons, particularly on Paul Morel, due to the failure…show more content…
H. Lawrence, Freud, Oedipal Complex, Catastrophe and Dominant. D. H. Lawrence deals with many issues related to human relationship in his works. He brings out the problems faced by man and woman in their relationship whether it is between boy and girl, mother and son or between father and daughter. In Sons and Lovers, he shows the “destructive effects of mother’s love on her sons.” He portrays the struggle of two sons to come out from the domination of their mother. It is mostly evident from Paul Morel who is not successful in cast off the clouds of maternal love, which prevents him to have a natural relationship with any other woman. The love between mother and son is similar to the love presented in the theory of Sigmund Freud “Oedipus complex.’’ Sigmund Freud uses this term to explain the manifestation of infantile sexuality in the relationship of the child to his parents. M. H. Abrams in A Handbook of Literary Terms defines the term Oedipus complex, he says: “that is, the repressed but continuing presence in the adult’s unconscious of the male infant’s desire to possess his mother and to have his rival, the father, out of the way”
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