Mrs. Roush's Observation In The Classroom

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Today Mrs Roush was absent. There was a substitute teacher that the kids knew from previous times. They were learning about Synonyms and Antonyms. Significant the student were acting out and the substitute teacher constantly kept asking the student to please pay attention and to calm down. They have a reward system, using stars. The substitute teacher told them if they kept on talking that Mrs Roush had given her permission to take away stars from the board. Students calm down, when they were working on their worksheet they started acting up again. This time the substitute teacher decided to write down the student 's name on the board and asked them to come to the classroom after they finish having lunch. When the students arrive the teacher explain why they were in the classroom for their recess time and how she was going to let me Mrs. Roush know. The students work on their worksheet that didn’t complete in the classroom.…show more content…
The students think because their teacher is in the classroom they don’t have to do any work, which they shouldn’t think this way. It 's also a challenge for the substitute because she felt like she had to gain their respect one way or another. I thought it was good that she decided to give them recess detention for them to finish the work they didn’t finish when they were in class. I also think it’s great to have a good communication with the general teacher and the substitute teacher. Mrs Roush did talk to the class about how disappointed she was that they didn’t behave while she was out of the

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