The Tall Woman Analysis

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Mrs. Tall in the story The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband should be a big role model for any “diverse" person single or married. Being a role model to all people can change a person’s life you will see this at the last paragraph how the thinking of the tailor’s wife was changed. The patience, devotion, stress, and hospitable traits of Mrs. Tall make her a divine seamless person to describe. The first characteristic of Mrs. Tall is her hospitable attitude towards people. This happens in the story in the beginning when due to a crash that she heard inside the odd couples house comes to their front door pretending to get money for doing their lawn, Now get this Mrs. Tall does not just bang the door in her face even though she knew how undeniably offensive the tailors wife was to her. In a matter of fact that adoring women welcomed her inside- which…show more content…
This can be seen when after her husband is taken away from her due to the Cultural Revolution in China she goes into deep depression doing everything with sadness. Also after he his returned to her and they are forced to live in a small house instead of their parlor which in fact was given to the tailors wife she has a bad stroke. Now studies show that stroke is the result of a certain stress on your mind or body plus who would say that Mrs. Tall was not stressed about this whole thing that happened to her and her husband. The sad result of her stroke was after she came back from the hospital the tailor’s wife sees Mr. Short helping Mrs. Tall to walk- because the stroke left her paralyzed in her left leg. This for a matter of fact is the only thing in the story that makes the tailors wife have sympathy on the anomalous couple she and all the people that follower her has faith in that it shows their devotion toward one another as well as the scene of seeing Mr. Short live in loneliness and not remarrying-sound familiar- When she was in the
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