Ms. Andrea Mosby's Speech Analysis

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Though I believe many students found this discussion edifying, I found myself with more frustration and questions at the end of Ms. Andrea Mosby’s presentation than when I walked in. While Ms. Mosby’s talk did produce did produce conversation about an admittedly pertinent topic on Case’s campus, she failed to give satisfying answers or advice to the nervous and frightened freshmen beginning their college life. Ms. Mosby focused her talk around the dos and don’ts of relationships. She rightly acknowledged that the word “friend” means different things to different people. As young adults, we often believe ourselves invincible, and we act accordingly in our relationships with others. Ms. Mosby even apologized on behalf of her generation for feeding us false ideas about what sort of friendships will make us happy in life. However, I take issue with Ms. Mosby’s approach to beginning relationships, and her explanations about how people form new relationships after experiencing hard time. While it is true that a friend should always be willing to listen and support a person in need, it would be putting far too much pressure on…show more content…
Mosby’s speech was perhaps the most disturbing, however. While she fairly discussed, with tape as an illustration, how we often leave our mark on past sexual partners and how they leave their mark (emotional, spiritual) on us, she turned the conversation to how we could “shake off” our past relationships and start over after bad times to again see potential partners clearly. Ms. Mosby fails to explain how one is supposed to just “shake off” a relationship and begin again. Having sex with people changes you. If it were as easy to erase the past as shaking an etch-a-sketch, many people would be out of counseling and in healthy relationships today. As much as people wish that one’s past is what one chooses to believe it is, the past is always a part of our lives, and it is only up to us to decide how we let it affect
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