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On the Campus of Virginia Union University, lies a special person that works for Student Activities and Leadership. This person is the enchanted light of the student body. This person is the definition of true beauty. Possessing qualities that give great pleasure and satisfaction to see, hear, and think about. Also being able to delight the senses and challenge the minds of creative, success and never ending happiness. Who is the women you may ask? What makes her so amazing? Well her name is Ms. Tammy Cannon and she is a Two time server of breast cancer.
Ms. Cannon is a Mother and most of all a Phenomenal women. However she is a woman with a story that is ready to be told. Like William Shakespeare said, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown" and this crown is one to be share. Breaking the chains of the statistics and flipping her negative into a positive. She believes "she had to go through the challenges of breast cancer to be able to do the work god sent her to do." Ms. Cannon also stated if she have not gone through the struggle in 2001 and once more in 2013, when she
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The lost of her hair being gone, your body being redirected to a new physical appearance. However she still say strong and keep on having faith and believing in God. THIS WOMAN IS ONE OF A KIND! She understand the true meaning of self love and beauty for herself. Knowing that she is not her hair she wears, there is something so much greater in store for her. As well not worrying about her body and how it looks but caring and trusting in God that there is so much more to life. With this mentally she is able to look her students in the eyes and ensure them that they can do anything they put their mind too. The struggle and pain will never compare to what Jesus himself was put through and if he can still be strong and make it through, you can too. He never stated it was gonna be easy but he said you will get through

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