Ms. Cardiello Case Study

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Ms. Cardiello is a 40 year old individual, who was born in Manhattan and raised in Franklin Square. She graduated from a joint high school, Carey and Sewanhaka high school in 1992. She continued her education at Nassau Community College where she obtained an Associate in Liberal Arts. She indicated following her degree from Nassau she received an academic scholarship to Dowling College where she graduated in 1996 with a degree in psychology and a teaching certification. She indicated that she has not had a stable work because she has been in court for many years and it has affected her ability to work full time. Ms. Cardiello reported that currently working full time at a parochial school as a kindergarten teacher. Ms. Cardiello reported that her mother is deceased and she resides with her father. She has two older brothers whom she is close with. Ms. Cardiello indicated that she experienced no abuse or trauma as a child. She reported no behavioral or learning issues a child, stating that she was not a very good student.…show more content…
Cardiello reported no mental health issues as a child. She stated that she met with a counselor in school because of bullying issues. She reported no other history of mental health services. She reported no history of biologically related family members with psychiatric, drug or alcohol issues. She indicated that she is diagnosed with endometriosis, she stated that her OBGYN recommended her taking opiates however, she declined it she stated that uses marijuana medially to help deal with her mental cramps. Ms. Cardiello reported that she also suffers from moderate to severe anemia. Ms. Cardiello reported that she get IV infusions of iron every 8 to 12 weeks, she indicated when she experiences pain she takes

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