Ms. Chicken Case Study

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Where Does Ms.Chicken go all day? Detective Cooper is on the case of the wandering Ms. Chicken. First, Cooper interviewed Farmer Wong. Second, Cooper followed Ms. Chicken. Last, Cooper Interviewed Ms. Chicken. To start off this story, it’s important to know where Cooper’s office is located. Detective Cooper’s office was on a corner of main street in Cluck City with a crosswalk outside and everyday there was a chicken that would cross the road. One day Farmer Wong who owned the chicken came into Cooper’s Office. Cooper said, “Hello farmer Wong is there something I can help with?” Wong said, “Well, one of my chickens goes missing every day for a few hours, and I was wondering it could looked into.” Cooper said, “Well, there is a chicken…show more content…
Cooper found there was three stores the Chicken could have gone to there was a farmers market, a seed store, and a KFC. Cooper looked into and they all have the same type of bag so he would have to follow the chicken to see where she went. The next day Cooper decided to follow the chicken. Cooper said, “I woke up at 5:00 A.M. let's see where you go Ms. Chicken.” Ms. Chicken woke up at 5:30 A.M. sneaking out of the chicken coop trying to be as quiet as possible. Ms. Chicken said, “This seems like a beautiful day for a walk.” Cooper said, “Just a walk lets see where you really go.” The detective watched Ms. Chicken get on a bus to town and Cooper followed her. Ms. Chicken thought someone was following her so she started to walk faster and take more turns zig zagging thew the streets. Detective Cooper lost Ms. Chicken and had to follow her another day. Last, Detective Cooper had to follow Ms. Chicken again. Cooper had to wake up early and watch Ms. Chicken wake up and take the bus to town. Detective Cooper said, “I won’t let you get away this
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