Ms. Conley Case Summary

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Ms. Conley is a sixty-two-year old African American female with a history of Schizophrenia. She was referred for Mental Health Skilling Services by the case manager at Tuckers Psychiatric Hospital after she had been hospitalized for twenty-two days at the hospital due to her acute psychotic symptoms. Prior to Ms. Conley’s most recent hospitalization she was living independently in her own home where she was struggling with being able to recognize personal danger as evidenced by her placing unsafe items in the electric shock (at least once a month); noncompliance of medication treatment (daily); delusions that individuals are plotting against her (daily) which results in her acting out in an aggression manner; and spending a disproportionate amount…show more content…
Conley appeared to have insight into some of the symptoms she has been experiencing she lacks insight into her actual diagnosis. Ms. Conley reported her first hospitalization was over twenty-five years ago however, when asked about what triggered that hospitalization she stated she was not able to talk about it because her record had been sealed. However, she did disclose she had been hospitalized at least three times due to acute psychotic symptoms. Ms. Conley was being seen by Dr. Gharse (Psychiatrist) for psychiatric and medication management services, however has been noncompliant with that treatment. When asked about feelings of suicidal or homicidal ideation, Ms. Conley denied any homicidal ideation and again stated her records were sealed and she could not talk about it. In addition to mental health issues Ms. Conley has a history of Hypertension. It is recommended that Ms. Conley participate in mental health support skills building services for at least 5-10 hours per week to assist her with managing symptoms associated with her mental health diagnosis, reducing the risk of hospitalization, increase pro-social behavior, eliminate suicidal behavior and assist with connecting with other community
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