Ms. Cortes Observation

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The children were given their bath at 7:30pm. Ms. Cortes fed the children Ramen Noodles for dinner with a cup of juice on the side. Today to some extent Ms. Cortes choose to step up and discipline the children. When the Jordan and Messiah were fight on the elevator, she pulled them apart. Then, she explained that they should not fight and hit on each other. Messiah got up set and pull on the elevator floor. When the elevator doors opened she pulled him off the elevator into the hallway. She asked, him to get up and when he did not she walked away. Leaving him in the hallway crying by himself. After two he got up and played with his siblings and the other kids in the hallway. Later on Nicholas throw a fit because Ms. Cortes gave him water verses juice. He had to eat all of his dinner before he could get juice. Ms. Cortes laid out the rules and he did not fellow them. She did…show more content…
Cortes to help her see the things that causes a tantrum. The goal is to eliminate some of the tantrum triggers in the house. For example, the boys think that everything in the house is for them to play with. Ms. Cortes allows them to play with her lotions, hair products , yogurt and etc. When she takes the item when she needs it the children get up set. I asked her to come with a list of thing the boys cannot play with. Once she made, the next step was to put it out of their reach. This is not to punish the boys , but they need bounties. Ms. Cortes gets stress very quickly. She has to try to stay in front of the tantrums. She gave Messiah a cup filled with chocolate milk. He has a tendency of playing when he holding his cup and spills it. She got mad at him , because she knew he was going to spill it. I asked what were some ways she can avoid this from occurring again. She said give him less milk in his cup and only give him a cup when he is sitting down. I told Ms. Cortes that those was great ideas and she should try
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