Ms. Gulon: A Short Story

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Right at this moment, just as we had sat down, most likely the worst teacher in the whole school had just walked in the room. Ms. Gulon was her name, she was ugly, as like ugly I meant she had a big, brown, three dimensional mole right on the left of her nose. She always wore dirty and baggy clothing on, and smelt as if she had cut onions in her pockets all of the time, her teeth were as bright as caution tape. I had described her teeth that way because caution tape means you 're too close to the obscenity, and the obscenity would be around her mouth. Ms. Gulon has a hunchback but if she had it fixed she would be six feet and ten inches. Which holy moly isn 't that tall! Either way she over towers most of the kids, so it makes her even more intimidating. Ms. Gulon also has a limp so she has a cane. The cane is made out of bones, most likely a child that she has killed off with her yard sticks of finger nails. Picture her room when you walk in dark,musty with a weird glow in the room because the light is dying and hasn 't been changed in years. It was never the best environment. Ms. Gulon was taking attendance when I had looked over on the tv screen she had on the black rolling cart, there was an ad on the television for…show more content…
Jocelyn was walking and looking down at her water bottle when Riley right upfront by Ms. Gluons desk, had stuck her leg out. The oblivious Jocelyn caught up in her water bottle business, she didn 't catch the leg proper out in front of her. It was like it happened in slow motion. Jocelyn fell and smacked onto the grubby tiling on the floor, whist her bottle was still in motion, spilling as it went on. When it finally had stuck a landing, it had landed on Ms. Gluon, but on its way over it doused her papers, and not to forget Ms. Gulon. They water drenched her greased hair and dirty outfit, the water pellets slowly going down her face, slowing as one pellet would run into another. It finally sunk in and Ms. Gulon face went bright
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