Ms. Lucas Case Summary

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Ms. Lucas is a 21 year old female who presented to the ED with acute anxiety and symptoms of psychosis such as paranoia, and visual hallucinations. Ms. Lucas reports seeing people today that she describes as "ghost". Ms. Lucas reports recently being release from a hospital and not being complaint with her medications since her discharge. She reports depressive symptoms as: feeling of hopelessness, worthlessness, tearful, guilt, anger, and experiencing insomnia. Ms. Lucas denies suicidal ideations, homicidal ideations, and auditory hallucinations. Ms. Lucas dos not appear to be responding to any internal stimuli. During the time of the assessment Ms. Lucas presented a wake, 4x oriented, appropriate speech, guarded, tearful, flat affect, and minimal eye contact. Ms. Lucas reports feeling guilty about her collegiate experience "turning bad" with the loss of her volleyball scholarship due to unknown reasons last year. Ms. Lucas reports today she has been experiencing several things that had influenced her mood. For example, she reports her experiencing visual hallucinations and telling her current boyfriend she had sex with another guy one month before they got together, which she reports the…show more content…
Lucas parents were spoken to about the situation with their daughter. They report she was recently released from SHR Monday, and has not taken her medications since being discharged. Mother reports Ms. Lucas has reported to her in the past attempting to drinking mouthwash and peroxide to self harm. The mother reports she has had several boyfriends within the past year and becomes very attached to them. The parents reports Ms. Lucas has been talking about and shown interest in bizarre topics about secret societies and government conspiracy, which has come up more frequently in recent weeks. The parents also report last time she presented with this bizarre behavior she was placed in the hospital for a car accident, where she was experiencing psychotic

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