Ms. Mayweather Case Summary

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Ms. Mayweather reported Dantreal was the product of an abnormal pregnancy and had been carried term. She acknowledged having complications during her pregnancy. Ms. Mayweather reported she suffered from a ruptured membrane which attributed to her illness during pregnancy. She noted Dantreal was delivered via C-section. Ms. Mayweather reported Dantreal was born on time and exhibited notable complications at birth. She stated Dantreal retained fluid in his ears that required tubes as an infant. Ms. Mayweather denied she used any drugs while pregnant with Dantreal; she stated she was not consistent with her prenatal care. According to Ms. Mayweather, Dantreal started talking at one years of age and walked when he was two years old. She noted Dantreal did not reach his developmental milestones on time without complications. The mother shared Dantreal received speech therapy when he was in the first grade to help with communication and literacy. She denied the client received occupational therapy. With regards to his academic and school functioning, Ms. Mayweather stated Dantreal attended Northeast Highschool and was eventually awarded a “Special Diploma” in the eleventh grade because he was not performing academically. Ms.…show more content…
Mayweather indicated Dantreal was referred to Henderson Behavioral Health during his early stages of childhood for his behavior. She reported the client being diagnosed with anxiety and possibly depression, but could not confirm this diagnoses. According to Ms. Mayweather, Dantreal was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) at seven years of age and was prescribed Adderall. Additionally, she noted the client also attended Kids in Distress for his behavior, the mother could not elaborate further. She denied any suicidal history for the client, but shared Dantreal wrote a letter two years ago indicating he did not want to live anymore after his father and two maternal aunts passed

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