Mt Everest Air Pollution

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Source #2 is filled with many informative facts. One of its main discussed topics is the cause of the pollution within Mount Everest. It would be a suggested passage to apprehend if one were to have written an article on the issue with garbage on Mount Everest, as opposed to the first source. To validate, the text exemplified, “By mid-2013, a total of nearly 4,000 people had reached the mountain’s summit. With that number of people comes an even greater amount of food containers, tents, empty oxygen canisters, and even human waste. Most of these materials get left behind on the mountain. Climbers don’t want to carry the extra weight down, especially when they’re already tired,” (Source #2, paragraph 2). This substantiated one of the many speculations behind why our world’s tallest mountain above sea level is so populated by trash.…show more content…
Many people get exasperated, so they leave their belongings behind. This may not seem like much, however, when over 4,000 people do this, Mount Everest becomes full of people’s scrapings. Likewise, the text also justified, “Due to the extreme weather conditions on Everest, the debris stays frozen in place. Some food cans found on Everest even date from as far back as the early 1960s,” (Source #2, paragraph 2). This illuminated a reason that isn’t even fully caused by the humans, but it is mostly based on the weather! The current, average temperature of this famous landmark ranges from 10 to 14 degrees. Adding the amount of filth already on Everest, many items may become frozen. Frozen things may stay on this peak for years, perhaps decades, and even centuries! These issues impacted the way Mount Everest looked, and it still does. Therefore, Source #2 was a reliable resource if one wanted to gain more knowledge about the topic of pollution within
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