Mt. Zion Organics Case Study

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Mt. Zion Organics is a kiosk located in Binondo. It sells delicious healthy salads with organic lettuce as its main proponent. The salads they serve are Classic Caesar, their Healthy Caesar, and Tropical Caesar. And being committed on spreading healthy lifestyle; the toppings are healthy, good for those wanting to lose weight and maintain good health. Its target market are mainly individuals living in Binondo and areas near Binondo who consider themselves health conscious. The inspiration was drawn in that many have been eating unhealthy unnatural food that has been causing a lot of illness. Mt. Zion Organics wants to relieve that problem.
Binondo is one of the busiest places in Manila and also the center of commerce and trade in the city. It consists of heavy traffic of people almost everywhere in the location thus making it a good place to start and operate a business.
Mt. Zion Organics is under the sub-sector Refreshment stand and Kiosk. The sector itself is still growing though the rate is lower each year. The cost margin of the sector consists of almost 75 percent of the revenue in the recent years. The industry itself gains billions of pesos in revenue.
The following is the forecasted sales of Mt. Zion Organics in each scenario: Worse case scenario Normal case scenario Best case scenario
1st year 446,609 pesos 574,213 pesos 701, 815 pesos
2nd year 456, 933 pesos 643,567 pesos 772, 279 pesos
3rd year 467,366 pesos

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