Much Ado About Nothing Beatrice Foil Analysis

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The Foil How can a man go from hate to love in one second? In Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare Beatrice is the foil of Benedick. Evidently , Benedick and Beatrice are antipodal. They are the complete opposite Benedick being moonstruck and beatrice being Contemptuous. These are shown by how they speak to each other and act towards to each other. It affected the plot because they had conflict the whole story instead of admitting they love each other.Benedick is deeply in love with beatrice after don pedro, claudio, and leonato deceive him and beatrice loves him. Beatrice is a matron who is scornful and full of contempt and will not accept love.As a result, benedick becomes a different man and starts to dress and act more proper towards
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