Transformation In Much Ado About Nothing

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Much Ado About Nothing is a play written by William Shakespeare which set in Renaissance, Italy, in the city of Messina. It is generally considered as one of his best comedies, in a combination various themes including those of honor, deception, love and politics. Previously in the play, Don John along with Burachio had succeeded in deceiving Claudio and Don Pedro about Hero’s disloyalty. After this, the scene is shown in Hero’s bedroom where she is getting ready for her wedding day with help of her attendants, Margaret and Ursula. Act III, Scene V, in which Dogberry’s complicated and Verges arrives to meet Leonato, right before wedding, claiming that they have caught two suspicious men, Borachio and Cornade. But Dogberry’s complicated…show more content…
At first, we saw Claudio being so much in love with Hero and convince Don Pedro to talk to her on his behalf and when he finally gets her, he chose not to believe her but the part where he just saw a silhouette of a lady with Borachio, who was referring the lady by name of Hero, this shows how gullible and weak minded of a person Claudio is, it instantly changes the audience perception about Claudio who first was introduced as a successful soldier but then turned out to be the exact opposite of the perception we had in mind. We see the shift in Benedick and Beatrice character as well, as from the start they were cunning and selfish but they both got emotional when the accusations were being made on Hero and also when they finally confessed their love to each other. This scene concludes with an explosion of even more drama, which is appropriate considering the tragic nature of the scene. The themes of love and betrayal is used by Shakespeare to express the emotions of Benedick and Beatrice. In the previous acts the audience enjoys Shakespeare’s witty sense of humor. If we closely look at the previous scenes, Act III, Scene IV-V, we noticed that they do not do much for the advancement of the plot specially considering that the last scene was purely for
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