Much Ado About Nothing Honor Analysis

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Have you ever thought about how your sense of honor affects your actions? Honor affects everyone even characters in stories, poems, and plays. For example in Much Ado About Nothing honor plays a key role in the actions of multiple characters throughout the play and even almost ruins the marriage of a wonderful couple. Another example is in the poem “ The Charge of the Light Brigade” soldiers rode to their certain death because of their sense of honor even though their leader made a horrible and huge blunder. The final example is a book called The Outsiders where two groups with very different social classes clash ; will their honor keep them fighting or will it let them resolve this conflict. To conclude throughout all three texts honor…show more content…
The first example is in Much Ado About Nothing when the loving Leonato turns his back to his daughter. Leonato is friendly throughout the story until his honor is harmed by the accusations of Claudio towards his daughter and then he turns his back on her in rage since of it. The next example is in the same poem where the villain Don John is revealed to still do his devious act because of his honor not wanting to fit into the Prince’s garden. This was revealed to the reader first, but Benedick always had suspicions. Another example of this happening is in the book The Outsiders, when Johnny gave his life to save the kids in the church and was honored by everyone for his sacrifice. Before this Johnny was nice, but he also just killed someone it showed the readers that he always want to right his wrongs. The final example is with the character Dally who was always thought to be strong, but was secretly weak and breaking down. Dally eventually had his life taken because he could not live with himself and had his honor and pride shattered when he could not protect Johnny who was like a little brother to him. By intentionally having his life taken the readers could tell he was weak from losing so many people, desperate to not feel that again, and shattered at losing someone so close to him. To conclude honor reveals the hidden sides of characters that they like to hide most of the time from the other

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